Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books

2014 Medalists

Jenkins Group is proud to announce the winners of the First Annual Illumination Book Awards. The awards are designed to honor and bring increased recognition to the year’s best new titles written and published with a Christian worldview.

A total of 50 medalists have been chosen from nearly 300 entries. 

Listed below are the Illumination Book Awards results, listed by category.




1. Bible Study

Gold: Hearing the Gospel through Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol,” by Reverend Cheryl Anne Kincaid; edited by Alyssa Pirocchi (Cambridge Scholars Publishing)
Silver: What is the Bible? Student Text and Leader’s Guide, by Reverend Anne Robertson (Massachusetts Bible Society)
Bronze: The Layman’s Gospel Harmony, by Nathaniel Huntting Sherrill (Move Mountain Press)


2. Christian Living

Gold: Groceries on a Saturday Morning: Confessions from Real-Life Christianity, by Joanne C. Beckman (Zoe Life Publishing)
Silver: Yes to Sex… Just Not Yet! by Sam Beckworth (Reaching Forward Media)
Bronze: Reimagine Your Retirement: How to Live Life to Its Fullest and Leave a Lasting Legacy, by Joyce Y. Li (Word Alive Press)

3. Devotional

Gold: Sitting With God: A Year of Spiritual Growth, by Allen C. Liles (WestBow Press)
Silver: Grace through the Ages, A one year devotional illustrating God’s unrelenting grace and love, by William P. Smith (Tillett Consulting)
Bronze (tie): Invisible Illness, Visible God: When Pain Meets the Power of an Indestructible Life, by Merry Marinello (Hope Is My Anchor Publishing) and Champions in the Wilderness, by Bob Santos (SfMe Media)

4. Theology

Gold: God’s Panoply: The Armour of God and the Kiss of Heaven, by Anne Hamilton (Even Before Publishing)
Silver: Why It All Matters, by Stephen L. Reyner (Ironia Free Methodist Church)
Bronze: Train Up a Child, by Bob Wells (Wells Enterprises)

5. Ministry / Mission

Gold: Beneath the Baobab Tree: Where Poverty Dies and Hope Begins, by Kris Coffin Stevenson (Stoneydale Press)
Silver: Missional Preaching: Engage, Embrace, Transform, by Al Tizon (Judson Press)
Bronze: Fluent in Faith: The Gift of Mary McCormick, by Donald J. Mueller & Jacqueline Hansen Maggiore (Marquette University Press)

6. Catholic

Gold: A Faith Brief: A Lawyer’s Argument for Why Faith Prevails Over Doubt, by Patrick M. Garry (Kirk House Publishers)
Silver: Year of Trial, Year of Grace – A Catholic’s Search for Faith, by Clayvon C. Harris (Angelwalk LLC)
Bronze: Searching for Marquette: A Pilgrimage In Art, by Ruth D. Nelson (Marquette University Press)

7. Education (Home School, Bible School, etc) 

Gold: Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery, by Irene Worthington Baron (CreateSpace)
Silver: Made His Way, by Rhonda Sheppard (Self-Published)
Bronze: Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation, by Jay Schabacker (Self-Published)

8. Spirituality

Gold: Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga, by Monette Chilson (Bright Sky Press)
Silver: The Way of the Stars: Journeys on the Camino de Santiago, by Robert C. Sibley (University of Virginia Press)
Bronze: The Mystic Path of Meditation: Beginning a Christ-Centered Journey, by David Cole (Anamchara Books)

9. Self-Help / Recovery

Gold: God’s Graffiti: Inspiring Stories For Teens, by Romal Tune (Judson Press)
Silver: Sexual Addiction: One Couple’s Journey to Discover the Strategies for Healing, by Gary and Sharon Worrell (Selah Publications)
Bronze (tie): Peace After Divorce: Choosing Concrete Actions Rooted in Faith, by Renee Smith Ettline, M.Ed. with Fred Ettline, Ed.D. (Jesse Press) and Organizing You, by Shannon Upton (CrossLink Publishing)

10. Biography / Memoir

Gold: From Tears to Triumph, My Journey to The House of Hope, by Linda Bello-Ruiz (Mariah Publishing)
Silver: Pieces of Sky: a Memoir, by Noelle Cablay (CreateSpace)
Bronze: Day of the Elephants, by Ron Swager & Ed Chinn (Reel Marketing Systems)

11. Children’s Picture Book

Gold: A Star To Follow, by Christopher Freiler; illustrated by Michael Garman (Little Creek Press)
Silver: The Tales of Little Overhill: The Good Rat, by Mike Joens; illustrated by Len Simon (Whitestone Media)
Bronze: Adoptive Father, written and illustrated by Kayleen West (Etrinity Publishing)

12. Juvenile / Young Adult Fiction

Gold: Fall Down Seven, by C.E. Edmonson (WinePress Publishing)
Silver: Children of Angels: Book One of the New Nephilim Series, by Kathryn Dahlstrom (WinePress Publishing)
Bronze: Quest for Light – Adventure of the Magi, by Byron Anderson (Lighthouse Christian Publishing)

13. General Fiction

Gold: Ink and Honey, by Sibyl Dana Reynolds (Chandelles Press)
Silver: Dragon Bones: Two Angels Leave at Sunrise, by D.A. Winstead (Aviva Publishing)
Bronze: Below Sea Level, by Jane Foster (Tate Publishing)

14. Specialty Bible / Keepsake / Gift

Gold: Inspired: Churches of Seattle, by Rick Grant; photography by Lara Swimmer (Documentary Media)
Silver: Grandma’s Hands: Cherished Moments of Faith and Wisdom, by Calvin Mackie, Ph.D. (Acanthus Publishing)
Bronze: The Gospel of John, Photographed, by David Kevin Weaver (Four Line Media)

15. EBook Non-Fiction

Gold: Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul,by Myrlande E. Sauveur (Outskirts Press)
Silver: Out of the Darkness, by Kerryn Redpath (Self-Published)
Bronze: The Esther Blessing: Grace to Reign in Life, by Deborah P. Brunt (Key Truths, Open Gates LLC)

16. EBook Fiction

Gold: The Lie, by Ashley Fontainne (RMSW Press)
Silver: The Messenger and the Journey, by Johnny Neil and Susan Smith (Tate Publishing)
Bronze: The Western Gods, by Caleb Eatough (Self-Published)